by Sven Diamond, ADC to Philip Philipovich Count Akraxin

One begins to fear that war is coming. Not at all clear against whom or for what, but the signs of preparing the army for more than the annual training exercises are abundant. After Count Akraxin returned from Court all foreign observers have been ordered to leave the camp. The grenadiers arrived shortly after the Count returned and various other units have started to assemble. The 1st and 2nd Troitski were here already of course and the Moscovski Dragoons. Guns, guns, guns! The recent reforms, that I have instituted have helped the Russians to see the value of a well-trained and abundant artillery. I fear we may not be able to go to war with much of it though due to collecting all the necessary civilian handlers for the trains to accompany these beautiful instruments. Much work to be done.

Messengers from two different horse grenadiers arrived just minutes ago perhaps with news of their units. And there are hussars everywhere. Don’t know who needs them. Hopefully they won’t march with the army. The Count has called a meeting of all his senior staff for tomorrow night, so perhaps we’ll have more news then.