Count Andreas Joseph Esterhazy-Hardin

The lesser known noble related to the famous Esterhazy family of Hungary, known as a bit of a dandy, always well turned out whether for a ball or a battle. In his youth was well known for playing extensively with toy soldiers reenacting battles of the war of Spanish Succession. As a teen, he famously led a regiment of Hussars against the Prussian army in the war of Austrian Succession and won a reputation for success in a fight. It was then that he also developed a taste for Scots Whisky while campaigning with Captain James Lockhart of IR#33rd, a Scots mercenary whose family supported Bonnie Prince Charlie during the ’45 rebellion and who, upon its unsuccessful outcome, left his bleak prospects in Scotland to be a soldier of fortune in the Austrian army. The Count’s obsession with the Whisky, good clothes and high living led to his need to make enough money to cover his lifestyle, his estates in Hungary being particularly poor.

A personal favorite of the Empress Maria Theresa for his wit and good looks he quickly raised through the ranks to independent command of the army of Greater Nograd. Success as a General led to honors and wealth giving him adequate funds to support his extravagant life style. The Count looked on with favor as the powers of Europe looked again to be on the brink of war. No doubt failure to do well could ruin his reputation and his lifestyle.