The Deployment at Grabow

The defeat of Gros-Holsten’s army at Hosausmaulwurfsfellburg by Count Akraxin had exposed the lands of Wolfenbuttel to the ravanges of the cossacks. The Pork War had entered a new darker phase.

Wolfenbuttel, the light of Europe, responded by mobilizing his forces on the eastern marches in the district of Grabow. The ground had been chosen carefully. Virgin forests, swamps, hills, and potato fields covered the ground. All limiting the ability of Akraxin’s vaunted cavalry to maneuver.

The Herzog’s infantry attacked though a woods defile covered by a large detachment of the Zeity Hussars on the right of the Russian positions. This line of approach limited the usefulness of the Russian guns sited to cover the more open ground on the Russian left and it also avoided the mass of regular Russian forces deployed in the same area.

Zeity Hussars Delay the Advance

A spearhead of grenadiers and the elite von Kliest regiment moved through the defiles and deployed to face the Hussars with the remainder of the infantry filling in behind. The infantry quickly opened up a fusilade on the hussars. Akraxin used the time to reposition his guns and slowly redeploy his regular horse. The hussars sold their lives dearly for time as Wolfenbuttel pressed on toward the Russian flank.

Russian Line Faces the Onslaught of Wolfenbuttel

By time the hussars had collapsed, the Russian guns were in position to cover the Herzog’s approach; but the bombardment was only partially effective. The Herzog’s infantry pressed hard on the Russian horse that had turned to meet the threat. Michael von Pfanenstiel, commanding the Russian horse, found himself trapped between the approaching enemy infantry and his own. He ordered a charge by half the Russian cavalry present to cover the withdrawal of the other half toward the Russian infantry positions.

General Pfanenstiel led the charge personally into the right wing of the von Kleist Regiment breaking it! Unfortunately, in his monent of triumph von Pfanenstiel rolled from his saddle dead, struck down by a musket ball.

General Pfanenstiel Killed Leading Charge

The Herzog recovered the order in his infantry line and called for GL Koreckzi to bring the reserve cavalry into position behind the infantry to cover any eventuality. Wolfenbuttel’s infantry had by now reached the Russian infantry and began to pour volleys on it. This forced the victorious Russian cav to retire after recovering Pfanenstiel’s riddled body.

The Herzog pressed his advantage. Von Sydow’s Grenadiers lead the advance foward on the declining Russian line. In the course of their attack, the grenadiers came upon Count Akraxin himself, no doubt distracted by trying to restore some fight to his infantry line.

Count Akraxin Captured by Advancing Grenadiers

Surrounded by the grenadiers, Akraxin yielded his sword to nearby corporal of Sydow’s command who proceeded to help himself to the count’s purse before losing interest and allowing the Russian commander to slip away.

Soon after that, Akraxin sent word to the Herzog, seeking the honours of war. The Herzog, enlightened man that he is, sent word back that the army of Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel would stand down and permit the Russians to recover their dead and wounded.