Sackville-Baggins rubbed his temples and sighed in exhaustion as he sat down at the edge of his field cot.  It was the end of a very long, very bad day.  He contemplated opening a bottle of porte but thought better of it.  Tomorrow was going to be another very busy day.

He had been mildly concerned about the quality of some of the German troops he had recruited.  They would eventually be solid troops, but in the meantime were in need of more training.  The Hanoverian cavalry that his father-in-law had raised for him was more concerning as his British cavalry arm was very small.  But time was of the essence and he figured the core of solid British troops would be enough to see Count Esterhazy-Hardin off and reclaim the honor of his dreadful sister-in-law.

Having finally gotten his army together, Sackville-Baggins had marched south to engage the army of Count Esterhazy-Hardin, finding them outside of Linz.  Sackville-Baggins set up on the edge of Linz, extending off to the right with his cavalry holding his flank.

Esterhazy-Hardin set up his infantry centrally with his cavalry extending his left flank.  The Austrian cavalry had stormed forward and engaged the right wing of Sackville-Baggins army, namely his cavalry.  Hardin’s infantry had stayed back to watch the cavalry fight unfold.

Having seen the danger, Sackville-Baggins had sent his infantry forward to engage the Austrian infantry, hoping to decide the battle before the cavalry were deeply engaged.

His line of British line infantry, supported by Grenadiers and Highlanders, had begun volleying with the Austrian infantry and artillery.  At the same time, his two troops of British dragoons, supported by the shaky Hanoverian cavalry, had quickly fallen in a series or coordinated charges by the Austrian cavalry.  With the quick collapse of his entire cavalry wing, the morale of his army had fallen quickly and within an hour is army was retiring from the field.

His next task was to fall back on Gerolstein and await the outcome of the other campaigns that were currently in motion.