News came late in the week that the Landgraf Erzgebirgskeis held the key to a successful conclusion of the Pork War. The forces of the Cardinal Elector of Treves-sur-Rhin were closing in on the Landgraf’s forces in the neighborhood of Heimburg in a rash attempt to buoy the fortunes of the Pork camp.

The Cardinal Elector Approaches the Saxon Camp

But the Landgraf was not a man to be trifled with. He made it quite clear to his assembled officers that the victor of the Dorftopel-am-Dumm affair vs Count Akraxin was not going to be rushed into any heroics on behalf of his allies. The bold approach of the French demanded circumspection. They would be no unecessary heroics today. The Landgraf would concentrate his forces to await upon events.

The Saxon positon stretched between two garrisoned villages and a spinach field in a highly constricted area. It was readily apparent to all that this dense area allowed the Saxons little room to fight properly. Perhaps the Landgraf had some clever trap in mind for the Cardinal? Who could question the victor of Dorftopel-am-Dumm?

The Cardinal Elector, as per his usual style, leaned heavily on Colonel Rochefort to coordinate his forces. He directed that an assault be made on the Saxons in all haste: The colonel marked the approach of the French infanty outside the field of fire of the Saxon batteries and completed their deployment in perfect security against the enemy left. The French horse was placed beyond the Saxon range to observe the battle in reserve. Very quickly, battle was joined.

Denied the use of his guns against the approaching French, The Landgrave attempted to deploy his forces to face the threat. Infantry was brought forward into the spinach field on the left, and the cavalry was marched out of camp on the right. With these adjustments begun, the battle opened with the crash of French musketry into the Saxon left flank.

The Fortified Saxon Camp

A lively exchange of fire continued for some time. The French guards, leading the attack, moved against the left wing of the Kollowratz infantry that had been left holding an exposed position of the line. Rochefort followed the guards forward. At the critical moment he removed his hat signalling the charge. The guards surged into the Kollowrats, the pride of the Landgraf’s army broke! And the breakdown opened a gaping hole in the Saxon positions unnerving the Landgraf’s line.

The Saxon response was quick in coming. The Landgraf, a man of compassion wishing to avoid an unecessary loss of life, called for the honours of war . Colonel Rochefort returned the Landgraf’s compliments, and accepted on the part of the Cardinal Elector.

Colonel Rochefort has restored the fortunes of the Cardinal Elector, vanquishing the might of the Saxons with parade ground efficiency. The Pork War goes on.

French attack the Saxon left