Reichsgrafschaft Blankenheim und Gerolstein

The Viscount Sackville-Baggins sat in his empty audience chamber and held his head in his hands.  It was a morning like most others.  He had a throbbing headache and felt miserable.

It could have been attributed to having to listen to the dull roar created by his horrible horde of children.  Getting thrown to a hungry pack of wolves would be preferable to spending an hour with his screaming, ill-behaved progeny.

The Viscount, not the morning after the night before

It could have been from the medusa that he was married to.  Being conscious was reason enough to make him the prime target of her sharp tongue.  Generous people would describe her personality as acerbic.  Any comparison of her looks to that of a dog would do an injustice to mangy dogs across the world.  She only had two redeeming qualities, but they were important ones.  She (or rather her father,  Reichsgraf Rupert von Blankenheim und Gerolstein to be exact) was extremely wealthy and a distant relative and important client of King George.  The other was her exceptional child bearing abilities.  In 15 years of marriage she had successfully delivered 10 and it now appeared more were on the way.  He kept hoping she would die in childbirth but that seemed unlikely as she had the size and constitution of a damn ox.

Realistically though the throbbing headache and miserable stomach was from the bottles of porte he had drunk last night in an effort to forget about his wife and spawn.  He had bailed out the family fortunes by marrying his wife.  Why, oh why couldn’t he have been the second born?

To make a miserable morning worse, a courier from King George had been waiting outside since daybreak.  Nothing good ever came of special couriers from the king.  As such the courier was left to cool his heels and enjoy the company of his feral children for a few more hours, allowing Sackville-Baggins to enjoy the relative peace and quiet of his audience chamber.  Unfortunately he couldn’t hide here all day.

Sackville-Baggins was starting to feel better.  The courier had just left the audience chamber.  Although it was late afternoon, the courier seemed in a hurry to be someplace, anyplace else.  He snickered at the thought.  The children were good for something at least.

Back to business though.  Apparently his father in law had gotten into a spot of trouble.  Again.  King George was obligated (as always) to help bail him out of it.  Old George was punishing Sackville-Baggins by dumping the problem into his lap.  An army and cash would be supplied by the crown, but Sackville-Baggins would be responsible for fixing the problem and leading the army if talks broke down.

The fact that King George thought leaving his estates for months to campaign on the continent was some sort of punishment could only mean one thing.  Nobody had bothered describing his home life to the King.  For the first time in months, the Viscount smiled.

The Viscount’s army currently consists of :

ID Unit Training Type Points Notes
1 Converged Grenadiers Elite (guard) Infantry 8  
2 87th Highlanders Elite (guard) Infantry 9 Broken at Linz, Broken at Offstein Bridge
3 IR Zastrow #1 Regular Conscript Infantry 4 Broken at Offstein Bridge
4 IR Zastrow #2 Regular Conscript Infantry 4 Broken at Offstein Bridge
5 IR Prinz Heinrich #1 Regular Trained Infantry 6  
6 23rd Royal Welsh Elite Infantry 10 Promoted after Osnabrück
7 IR Munchow #1 Regular Trained Infantry 6  
9 IR Molder #1 Elite Infantry 11 Broken at Osnabrück, Promoted after Offstein Bridge
10 IR Molder #2 Regular Trained Infantry 6 Promoted after Osnabrück
11 Elliot’s Lt Dragoons (15th) Regular Trained Cavalry 6 Broken at Linz, Promoted after Osnabrück
12 Inniskilling Dragoons Regular Trained Cavalry 6 Broken at Linz, Promoted after Osnabrück
13 Zepelin Kavallerie Regular Trained Cavalry 6 Broken at Linz, Broken at Osnabrück
14 Breidenbach Dragoner Regular Trained Cavalry 6 Broken at Linz
15 Royal Artillery   Artillery 1  
16 Hanoverian battery   Artillery 2 Broken at Osnabrück
C1 Lethal volleys   National Advantage 12  
C2 Maison du Roi   National Advantage 9  
N1 von Mueller   Notable    

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