The Electorate of Trèves-sur-Rhin

The cardinal elector on a good day

The Cardinal-Elector on a good day. That might actually be regarded as a smile

“Nestled in the beautiful valley of the Moselle, the ancient ecclesiastic city of Trèves is undergoing a true renaissance under the enlightened guidance of its new ruler, Cardinal-Elector Bonplace and his devoted chêf de ménage, Colonel Rochefort. Both are men of proven probity, wisdom, charity and self sacrifice; All are sure that the city will prosper under their benevolent rule.”

Le Journal de Paris

“This is what the Paris news sheets had to say about the new French nominee to the electorate of the Holy Roman Empire, a part of Louis’ continuing effort to be elected emperor.

It is, of course, a tissue of lies. Bonplace and his henchman Rochefort were devious, ruthless, and almost completely without scruple, religious or other. The unfortunate burghers of Trier greeted the imposition of the Frenchman as their overlord with either open truculence or covert resistance; the new ruler met their attitude with censorship, suppression, deep dungeons and secret informers. Pounding on doors in the small hours accompanied by shouts of “Ouvrez au nom du Cardinal!!” became a commonplace in the opressed city.”

A. H. Hollingsworth-Smith, “Petty dictators of the Enlightenment”, Cambridge 1959

The current army of the Cardinal-Elector consists of :-

ID Unit Training Type Points Notes
1 Guardes Gruyére Elite (Guard) Infantry 8 Broken at Strenck, Broken at Vorgebirge, Broken at Pluwig
2 Guardes Forme de Montbrison Elite (Guard) Infantry 9
3 1/ Cancoilotte Regular Trained Infantry 6 Broken at Strenck, Broken at Pluwig
4 2/ Cancoillotte Elite Infantry 10 Broken at Strenck, Broken at Kinderbeuern, Promoted after Ulm
5 1/Camembert de Normandie Elite Infantry 11 Broken at Strenck, Promoted after Vorgebirge, Promoted after Ulm
6 2/Camembert de Normandie Regular Trained Infantry 6 Promoted after Vorgenirge
7 1/Rigotte de Condrieu Regular Trained Infantry 6 Promoted after Strenck, Broken at Kinderbeuern
8 2/Rigotte de Coindrieu Regular Trained Infantry 6 Promoted after Strenck
9 Fusiliers à Cheval du Cardinal Elite Cavalry 12
10 Gendarmes Fourme d’Albert Elite Cavalry 13 Promoted after Ulm
11 Gendarmes Chabichou de Poitou Elite Cavalry 14 Promoted after Kinderbeuern
12 Gendarme Selles-sur–Cher Elite Cavalry 15 Promoted after Strenck
13 1st Battery Artillery 1
14 2nd Battery Artillery 2
15 Bleu des Causses Irregular Cavalry 3
16 Bleu de Gex Irregular Cavalry 3
C1 Maison Du Roi National Advantage 9
C2 À la baionette National Advantage 9
C3 Depot Battalions National Advantage 6
N1 Paul, Duke of Clarkeshire Notable
N2 Sir Theodore Creasy Notable
N3 ?

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